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If you have suffered injury or losses in Michigan due to the negligence of others, you need the team of talented and experienced personal injury lawyers at Foote, Meyers, Mielke & Flowers, LLC on your side.

We are dedicated to using our knowledge, experience, and resources to ensure that our clients obtain full and just compensation for all of their injuries. Often these injuries occur as a result of corporate greed, work-related accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, automobile and other transportation accidents, product defects, environmental accidents, or premises liability accidents.

Foote, Meyers, Mielke & Flowers, LLC, will review your potential personal injury case for free. Simply click here to fill out the form. You may keep your comments very brief if you’d like, and we will contact you shortly to discuss details of your situation. If we can help with your case, we will schedule you for a free initial phone consultation with one of our attorneys.

We represent personal injury clients on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay us nothing until we have achieved a successful settlement our verdict on your behalf. Time is of the essence in every personal injury case. Protect your legal rights by contacting us now. Below you can view a sampling of recent results we got for our clients

$2,860,000 - Product Liability Case
On September 26, 1999, the defendant was pulling his ski-boat on a trailer attached to the back of his Jeep Cherokee. The defendant momentarily drove onto the shoulder of the road, over a residential drive-way, and back onto the road.  This caused the trailer hitch attached to the defendant’s Jeep, manufactured by defendant Atwood, to become disconnected from the tow ball.  As a result, the boat trailer traveled into the oncoming lane of traffic and struck a woman’s car carrying her and her two young boys.  She was killed in the accident and was survived by her adult daughter and the two minor boys.We represented the two boys through their father in a suit against the individual driver and the trailer hitch manufacturer. The case was settled the day before trial for $2,860,000.

$2,019,000Truck Accident Case
On October 11, 1999 the Defendant truck driver rear-ended our client’s (David’s) vehicle as he was waiting to make a left hand turn. David’s vehicle was forced into the oncoming lane of traffic where it was struck by a second vehicle driven by a second Defendant. David suffered several fractures in his back, a moderate traumatic brain injury, and was hospitalized for 43 days. A lawsuit was filed against numerous Defendants including the Defendant truck driver. The case settled during trial.

$1,500,000 – Auto Accident - Personal Injury
$1,500,000.00 awarded for injuries sustained by woman in an automobile accident, including exacerbation of her Multiple Sclerosis.

$1,010,000 - Wrongful Death Case
On May 8, 2002, our client was driving an automobile when the defendant negligently made a left hand turn directly into his path, causing a violent collision. The Plaintiff's decedent was diagnosed with massive head trauma, multiple frontal skull fractures, massive cerebral edema, respiratory arrest, anoxia, hypoxia and anoxic encephalopathy. He was transported to Lutheran General Hospital where he died on May 9, 2002 from the massive injuries sustained in this accident. The case settled two months prior to trial.


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