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The Hannon Law Firm, LLC represents injured individuals and businesses, emphasizing the areas of environmental damage and toxic torts, insurance failure to pay (bad faith), unsafe products, wrongful death, professional malpractice, automobile and truck accidents, brain and spinal cord injuries, nursing home abuse, other personal injury law, and business litigation. The Firm has brought cases against the largest companies in the world and in Colorado. Kevin Hannon has received awards from The Trial Lawyers For Public Justice Foundation in Washington, D.C. and the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association for the Firm's contribution to its clients and for its service to the public.

The Hannon Law Firm has two offices in Colorado: Downtown Denver and Pine. Kevin Hannon serves as Of Counsel to the law firm Gray, Ritter and Graham, P.C. with an office in St. Louis, Missouri. The Firm’s lawyers include Kevin S. Hannon, Fritz W. Ganz, Tearle W.T. Harlan and Andrew B. Reid.

We provide flexible hours to meet with our clients. We do not charge for an initial consultation.

Our Firm's mission is to provide aggressive representation of individuals and businesses who have been injured in some manner. The injury may come from physical harm, property damage or damage to business or economic interests.

Our Firm is constantly dedicated to creative and hard work for our clients, with care and respect. We seek justice with compassion.

In 1993, Kevin Hannon and his co-counsel in Escamilla et al. v. Asarco received the 1993 "Trial Lawyer of the Year" award given by The Trial Lawyers for Public Justice Foundation in Washington, D.C. for service in the public interest. In 1996, Kevin received the First Annual "Outstanding Young Trial Lawyer" award from the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association for service to his clients and the Association. In 2000, The Hannon Law Firm received the "Case of the Year" award from the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association for its work in NWIS v. Public Service, which recognizes a unique struggle and contribution to the law. Kevin Hannon’s service to the public has be the subject of articles in The Denver Post, the Denver Business Journal and Denver's Westword newspaper and stories on Denver's Channel 4 News.

Environmental Damage and Toxic Exposure

The Firm’s environmental practice in Colorado has achieved some of the highest verdicts in the state’s history. In Escamilla, a six week trial on behalf of the Denver community of Globeville for contamination of its air and soil by cadmium and arsenic resulted in a jury verdict and the court entering judgment for $28.1 million. This case was the first jury trial in Colorado to award the cost of cleaning up the contamination as part of the damages. In Orjias et al. v. Louisiana-Pacific, a three week trial resulted in the March 1992 jury verdict for $2.3 million, including $1.8 million in punitive damages for families in Olathe who lived next to a waferboard facility which emitted formaldehyde, MDI and wood particulates. In NWIS, the Firm won a $1.8 million jury verdict on behalf of an owner of industrial property located next to the Leyden Underground Natural Gas Storage facility operated by Public Service Company.

  • The Hannon Law Firm has successfully brought to trial and settled cases for businesses and individuals for personal injury and property damage from mold, heavy metals, pesticides, petroleum products, and other substances, indoor air contamination and noise.

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Class Actions

The Hannon Law Firm has significant expertise in prosecuting class actions for recovering damages for harm caused to large numbers of persons. The Firm has successfully certified, taken to trial and settled environmental class actions in Arizona, Colorado and Wisconsin. The Firm served as co-counsel in a successful class action for attorney malpractice for the failure to properly settle class for ERISA benefits for Coastal Mini-Mart station owners. The Firm currently serves as lead counsel for a class action for damage from nursing home abuse against LifeCare Centers of America and co-counsel on claims for insurance benefits against State Farm.


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Insurance Bad Faith

Another significant area of the Firm's practice is representing individuals and businesses against insurers for their failure to pay insurance benefits, or "bad faith." The Firm has represented persons when insurers have failed to pay automobile benefits, medical benefits, and liability coverage and when insurers have failed to defend their policyholders. Kevin Hannon has been qualified in Denver District Court as an expert to testify on insurance issues and has lectured on insurance law.

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Defective Products

The Hannon Law Firm represents individuals against product manufacturers for negligent design and manufacture. The Firm successfully brought claims against the manufacturers of medical products, bicycles, food processors, and other products. For example, in 1996, the Firm completed an action against General Motors, alleging defects in warnings related to and the design of the front passenger seat and seat restraint system of a 1992 Geo Prism. The Firm's client had suffered catastrophic injuries including both brain and spinal cord injuries. General Motors settled the case just hours before a hearing to award sanctions for GM’s failure to produce critical documents. The settlement provided compensation for the lifetime needs and damages for the Firm’s client. The Law Firm has also represented workers against chemical manufacturers for negligent warnings, instructions, and testing.


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Brain and Spinal Chord Injury

The Firm also represents persons who have sustained brain and spinal cord injuries, whether from automobile accidents, falls, or other circumstances. Kevin Hannon has received special training in the mechanisms of injury, care and treatment, and special economic needs of spinal cord and head injured persons and has presented lectures in this specialized area.

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Automobile Accidents and Other Personal Injury

The Hannon Law Firm's clients include numerous persons injured in automobile and truck accidents. The firm has also represented numerous individuals in premises accidents, those injured by the negligence of doctors, and those suffering other physical and economic damage.

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Business Litigation

The Hannon Law Firm has also handled commercial litigation for a variety of businesses ranging from breach of contract actions on computer software and equipment, enforcement of trade secrets, and slander of title.


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