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staten island ferry crash

October 15, 2003

"Staten Island Ferry Crashes—12 Reported Dead, Dozens Injured"

NEW YORK- A Staten Island ferry crashed Wednesday afternoon as it was docking, killing at least a dozen people as a number passengers jumped for their lives from the shattered vehicle. Others were trapped in piles of debris, many severely injured.

Metal girders on the right side of the boat were ripped apart as the ferry slammed into the huge wooden pilings lining the dock. The ship, the Andrew J. Barberi, had just arrived on the Staten Island end of its run from lower Manhattan when the accident occurred around 3:20 PM.

Firefighters sifted through rubble, finding more than 20 victims trapped. “There were numerous injuries like fractures and lacerations,” said Fire Department spokeswoman Maria Lamberti. Some victims, she continued, suffered amputations of legs and arms.

The injured were taken to the Staten Island University Hospital and St. Vincent’s Hospital. The ship, which can carry up to 6,000 passengers at a time, and takes 70,000 commuters per day between Staten Island and lower Manhattan, sustained an enormous hole in its side. According to Coast Guard Chief Dave French, a debris field of approximately 400 yards surrounded the boat.

Justin Girard, who witnessed the accident, said he saw smoke and heard screams after the ferry crashed at the St. George Terminal. The Department of Transportation confirmed the accident, but provided no further information.

The accident temporarily suspended service on the other four ferryboats, and closed traffic on the lower level of the nearby Verrazano Bridge, which connects Staten Island to Brooklyn.

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