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September 5, 2003

"Disneyland Accident Leaves 1 Dead, 10 Injured"

A Disneyland accident Friday morning caused the death of one park patron and injured ten others. The latest Disneyland accident occurred on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad attraction, when one car broke loose, stopping inside a dark tunnel. Disneyland accidents have killed or injured almost fifty people since early in 1998, when another Disneyland accident involving the Big Thunder Mountain critically injured a five year-old boy.

Firefighters arrived at Friday’s Disneyland accident scene two minutes after it was reported, and established a triage unit. Marcelo Torres died in the Disneyland accident, and his body had to be extricated from the ride by paramedics. Another of the Disneyland accident victims, a 22 year-old man, remained in serious condition on Monday, while others injured in the Disneyland accident sustained “minor” injuries, according to Disney officials. Due to legislative reforms stemming from previous Disneyland accidents, OSHA must be permitted to inspect rides, and a police officer is stationed at the park to expedite Disneyland accident investigations. The scene was secured by Anaheim police, and local authorities are investigating this Disneyland accident; Disney’s own technical staff has not yet had the chance to examine the ride.

Most Disneyland accidents have been settled out of court, and it is crucial that the victims of a Disneyland accident have an attorney who has experience in dealing with this powerful corporation. If you have been in a Disneyland accident, or if a loved one was injured or killed, you may want to speak with an experienced Disneyland accident attorney. A qualified attorney will explain your rights, and will help you recover damages from your Disneyland accident. Contact us to learn more about how to locate an attorney who has successfully represented Disneyland accident victims in the past.

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